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2018 Predictions – Ameer Rosic: MAJOR Top Altcoins Rally GUARANTEED!

MASSIVE WINNER! Our Q4, 2017 Altcoins Alerts on Stellar and Cardano have been HUGE Wealth Creators. We’re about to announce our 2018 Altcoins picks in the newsletter and release the most detailed tutorial video series online.

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Blockchain TECH Innovation Podcast

The next stage in cryptocurrencies and blockchain is around the corner, but speculators will again be too late to the party. Right now, is 100% in our newsletter on identifying the projects with the most captivating competitive advantages.

Blockchain will change everything! Current power structures are obsolete. They are the dinosaurs of the past, and just like the monopolies and monarchies which used to reign supreme disappeared, so will they. Get prepared for new alerts in 2018!

The blockchain technology is making many industries obsolete and making many others incredibly efficient. Programming jobs are paying anywhere from $300,000 - $500,000 annually, and there are clear signs of a sustained boom. Stay on the forefront of the crypto economy.

The cryptocurrency industry is full of shady scams and pitfalls. Newcomers can avoid huge mistakes by educating themselves on the potential risks now!

After months of extensive research, we’ve uncovered a blockchain-focused company, which has found four separate profit centers to monetize the revolutionary technology, including a joint venture with a Canadian cannabis company!

The cryptocurrency market has created incredible personal success stories for early adopters. Now, the second wave is taking place.

Massive Winner! Our Q4, 2017 Altcoins alerts on Stellar and Cardano have been HUGE wealth creators. We're about to announce our 2018 Altcoins picks in the newsletter and release the most detailed tutorial video series online.

Blockchain Wealth Academy

Blockchain Tech is opening career opportunities to talented people from all walks of life. Salaries reaching over $25,000 a month are not uncommon! created a complete report on high-paying professions!

Blockchain applications, coupled with cryptocurrencies is set to unleash massive wealth in third world regions. We are currently building a list of thirty projects - cryptocurrencies, ICOs and public companies, which stand to gain from mass third world adoption.

Q1 of 2018 was HORRIBLE since many traders took profits on BTC but couldn’t resist the temptation to go all-in on ALCOINS. Our newsletter alerted to conserve cash instead. Get educated on cryptocurrency trading now!

Regulations are making cryptocurrencies ever more mainstream in the big picture. As each government body, state, and authority are adding important layers of laws and conduct to the industry, more money is attracted to it!

Regulations will play a huge part in how the crypto economy trades in 2018. Two major events, which are on the horizon, will completely change and alter how the crypto economy is built. You must stay in front of these two trends!

Cryptocurrencies are about to experience two important changes, which will forever improve the prospects for the industry. These two events will turn the sector around 180 degrees and you must be aware of them.

With $30 trillion dollars of institutional money sitting in stocks and bons, a 1% re-allocation into blockchain technology would equal $300 billion of inflows! The pioneer business and stocks of today will be tomorrow’s Amazon and Google. Pure Blockchain Wealth has uncovered a major new company. This could be the one!

With exchanges backlogged, verification times are taking up to a few days, HACKS and shutdowns occurring frequently; big-money investors are looking for Blockchain Investments, but do not want to own the Cryptocurrencies themselves. They seek traditional stocks.

Pure Blockchain Wealth has uncovered an ideal opportunity, especially now that it’s down 60%!

The Advanced Trading Show

Pure Blockchain Wealth is up more than 100% in 30 days on: Aragon (ANT), DragonChain (DRGN), Cindicator (CND), EOS (EOS). We are about to announce our newest blockchain/crypto opportunity!

Crypto markets are making a comeback. In the past three weeks, many of Pure Blockchain Wealth's biggest suggestions have double or MORE! Our next big alert is coming. Make sure you subscribe to the newsletter.

There has to be a limit to the amount of regulations and government intrusion we can endure. Millennials don't want bigger government, don't want to work for the government and want to live in a new reality! The world is on the cusp of establishment change!

2018 will be an especially volatile year! With future contracts live trading, institutional funds getting the regulatory approval to trade cryptocurrencies, and the myriad of overhanging banning threats, becoming a sophisticated trader is evermore important! Learn basic and advanced strategies now.

Crypto Love is considered one of the world's premier Crypto Investors with an incredible track record of successes. He just disclosed his ONLY Blockchain Stock Holding.

Title – The Bitcoin Domination Show founders are carefully looming into the mother lode! A new company is combining blockchain with artificial intelligence. Full details coming in the newsletter!

Bitcoin is the dominant coin right now, but there are many competitive projects which are now coming to the forefront. With many regulations coming into the space, the blockchain-focused companies are becoming the favorite way for traditional investors to pile into the sector. Our newest alert has already doubled in two weeks!

Regulations are making cryptocurrencies ever more mainstream in the big picture. As each government body, state, and authority are adding important layers of laws and conduct to the industry, more money is attracted to it!

Wall Street is entering the crypto economy! This is the most important change to the blockchain space since inception. With trillions in investment money, the impact on projects will be noticeable. This is the beginning of phase two for the growth and mass-adoption of digital assets. Become fully immersed. 

Pure Blockchain Wealth booked major profits for subscribers of the free newsletter in 2017: Bitcoin 1,344%, Ethereum 876%, Cardano 2,113%, Stellar 982%. In 2018, we're going big on new ALTCOINS and Blockchain Stocks.

Massive 2018 coming! With 2017 being the most epic year for Cryptocurrencies, HASHGRAPH is about to become the HUGE game-changer.

The Cutting-Edge ICO’s Session

Many industries are experiencing a massive shift due to decentralization. is building a database of companies, which are doomed to become obsolete, thanks to blockchain and progress. It includes HOUSEHOLD names.

The blockchain technology is keeping wealth with the creators of content, not the middleman. This is true in porn, art, music, entertainment, banking and any industry - now saturating many industries, including the adult industry. The one major growth industry to revolutionize next is cannabis.

In 2018, Pure Blockchain Wealth will be alerting on EACH important ICO well ahead of the community. We're about to release our micro-doc on how to get involved in the industry and earn salaries of $300,000 a year and higher.

Guest Appearances

Join Chris Coney and ItsMeBossLady for a collaborative livestream. Topics include EOS, 51% attacks, local meetups, cannabis laws in Canada, digital artists, cryptokitties, eosMonsters and more.

David Moadal speaks with Sommer Sherwood about the future of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cannabis.

Sommer Sherwood speaks with Rory of The Daily Coin about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and her project: Decentralized Art Shows.