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Jessica Zartler: Too Much Hype, Too Little Facts – Crypto Needs Independent REPORTING!

Chris Coney and ItsMeBossLady Shoot The Breeze LIVE

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ONLINE U.S. BROKERS GUIDE: Top Firms – Complete Manual

I receive many requests for guidance on finding an online broker in the U.S., and especially a broker that allows residents of the United States to buy American OTC (over-the-counter) stocks. This is an important topic because you don’t want to miss out on all of the incredible opportunities in American and Canadian small-cap companies.


The idea of working hard, staying loyal to your employer for 40 years, and retiring comfortably at age 65 is a nice thought – and it made sense in previous generations, when pension plans, Social Security, and other safety nets could be counted on to support us and reward us for all the years we contributed to the system.


Precious metals, and especially gold and silver, have done an amazing job of retaining their value over the years. Generation after generation, irrespective of which politicians are in power at the moment, gold and silver have proven themselves time and again as stable stores of value and the ultimate forms of money.  

SCANDALOUS MANEUVERS: JPMorgan and the Elitist Agenda

From precious metals suppression to anti-cryptocurrency hypocrisy, Wall Street insiders and the so-called “smart money” keep coming up with ways to pull one over on the Average Joe and Average Jane investor. With each passing year, the divide between the haves and the have-nots has become clearer than ever as the elites continue to do whatever it takes to maintain the status quo.

R.I.P. MIDDLE CLASS: Elite Globalists – Enemies from Within

Day by day, we are losing the America we once knew: the land of opportunity where anyone willing to work hard and persevere could succeed.

Blockchain Tech & Cryptocurrencies: Pitfalls, Dangers & Mistakes

Since the commercialization of the Internet back in the mid-‘90s to early 2000s, the world around us has become more dependent on it than ever. Data, job applications, and even the banking system all depend heavily on the Internet to work efficiently.

Now, we see blockchain technology emerge and a new solution to how we settle transactions take place with Bitcoin and Altcoins. This is a whole new realm of possibilities that opens up.

Hackers, scammers, identity thieves, and much more are attracted to this just as much as the mainstream banks are attracted to this new innovative technology. Learn Exactly How To Protect your wealth, funds, details and identity NOW!

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For thousands of years, societies have centered on the wealthy elite. Governments were formed by monarchs and families seeking to dominate trade, education, and money. Modern countries are now beginning to rid themselves of the flawed fractional-reserve banking through the birth of a decentralized database, called the and advanced forms of digital currencies, called Wealth creation during this time is mind-boggling, and I’ve been actively investing in it since 2012.

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