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Our signature Pure Wealth newsletter is our way of putting out the best data available for building long-lasting wealth.

Rick Larvin and I (Brad Robbins) have been building businesses from the ground up, investing in early-stage companies, purchasing rental real estate in numerous cities, buying the highest-quality dividend stocks, and for the past 4 years, we’ve been making a fortune with the blockchain revolution.

Now, we’re passing the baton and leveling the playing field by opening up our world to crypto-investors.

Our newsletter publishes on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. These being the core email days, we also publish time-sensitive alerts on opportunities such as cryptocurrencies, ICOs, public companies, and various income ideas that we see as being worth looking at.

On top of this, the website is full of information that is designed to keep you updated on how to build wealth in today’s world starting right now.

The newsletter is the best way to remain 100% engaged on what we see as the highest-priority data.

We publish the key insights that we learn by researching the markets, analyzing data, networking with entrepreneurs who are at the top of their game and leading the industry, and by accessing the most current data available to us.

Our Team

Brad Robbins


Brad has his business roots deeply embedded in the digital world of online ventures. As a millennial that was born in 1983, he founded his first online clothing store in 2002, later selling it for a 7-figure sum to a strategic competitor.

Since 2007, he has been actively investing with early-stage companies, specifically in the cyber security and online finance realm. In 2014, he also took a position with Bitcoin.

Since then, he has travelled to over 20 countries and attended conferences and meetups, introducing him to many of the most successful cryptocurrency projects, such as Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Neo, Golem, and Monero.

Brad sees a huge gap of knowledge between the inner circle of the blockchain ecosystem, comprised of only a few thousand developers, programmers, coders, and cryptopreneurs, and the investment community, which is just learning about blockchain tech for the first time.

With PureBlockchainWealth, Brad and his research partner, Rick Larvin, are leveling the playing field by bridging the technology gap between investors and the “behind the scenes” geniuses that make up the blockchain world.

The website and free newsletter are designed to bring new investors up to speed on this field. They’re designed to help those who are checking out this new sector for the first time, providing the most recent and world-class data for advanced opportunities on the ground floor of cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and blockchain deals.

Since 2009, Rick and Brad have collaborated on numerous early-stage start-up ventures that have panned out. They now want to share their knowledge in order to spread the incredible impact of blockchain tech on wealth creation.

Brad makes it a point to check out 2-3 new ventures each day and attend conferences and CEO 1-on-1 meetings in 3 continents, as he splits his time between Asia (Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong), Europe (Russia, England, and Austria), and North America (U.S.A. and Canada).

Rick Larvin

Senior Editor

Rick Larvin was a straight-shooting employee in corporate America. Growing up in a middle class environment, he went after the American Dream. What changed for Rick was that he reached the age of 30 and saw his salary grow substantially.

He then decided to do something employees don’t usually do: invest a 6-figure sum in a private business his friend launched.

That seed investment became a 7-figure sum, which inspired Rick to leave corporate America and start on his own.

He opened up retail businesses, selling them in 2013.

Since that time, he has been partnering with Brad Robbins on venture start-up deals and cryptocurrency opportunities.

Rick and his family divide their time between their home in the U.S. and their second home in southern Europe.

Rick is a numbers guy who used to do the heavy lifting for Fortune 500 companies. Now, he is the research partner for Pure Blockchain Wealth.

His philosophy and approach are that with investments, numbers and books don’t lie. His expertise, though, is with the intangible assets of a company: the human factor.

His passion is finding talent within entrepreneurs. Rick has been nicknamed the “Winner Hunter” because of his reputation at finding the rare few that are worth investing with.