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BITCOIN Smashes Through $4,000: Prepare For SHOCK AND AWE!

Jan 10, 2019 | Wealth Articles

Unlike the vast majority of media platforms, we’ve been covering cryptocurrency and the blockchain from the beginning and have been using unbiased data to cover the state of crypto, at all times.
I want to cover the facts, rather than speculation that doesn’t penetrate the surface. For one, ICO activity hasn’t slowed down at all this past year. When we examine the geographical dispersion of ICO’s, we see that entrepreneurs from around the world are pushing ahead. The United States still ranks at the top, but Singapore, the United Kingdom, Russia, and Switzerland are also ramping up ICO activity.

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ICO volume has been massive in 2018. Also, the average ICO size had nearly doubled from $12.8 million to over $25.5 million this year. In terms of monthly ICO numbers and volume, the trend was clearly to the upside.

Courtesy: PwC and Crypto Valley

The Telegram ICO, for instance, raised an astonishing $2 billion, as well as Huobi’s Token, which is relatively new, but has already raised $300 million. No matter how you look at it, the ICO market remains robust with no shortage of activity and capital.

2018 saw the birth and the rise of security token offerings (STO’s), which are similar to ICO’s in some respects, except they’re based on security tokens, which derive their value from an external, tradable asset.

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Because security tokens represent a claim to an asset, STO’s provide enhanced reassurance, compared with coin offerings, which have ended badly 90% of the time, going to ZERO.
One of the most highly anticipated STO’s took place when Overstock’s tZERO announced it had issued its preferred tZERO security tokens; the company raised $134 million from investors worldwide during the months-long STO.
There are already some established players in this segment of the blockchain industry. In fact, I am, as we speak, researching a company that has some heavy-hitters on its board and could have a take-off moment this year, as investors truly wrap their heads around the profitability of their business model.
I’m due to communicate with their founder/CEO next week, as I’ve prepared over 54 questions that must be vetted before we pull the trigger. The stock is so unknown that out of sight at the moment that I expect the blockchain community will take months to figure out about this one, but we’ll already be well-positioned.
2018 was a revolutionary year in which companies took a proactive role in building their own blockchain and coins for their clients, so we are seeing that, in the real world, there are significant moves underway.
More and more large and well-respected companies are leveraging the power, security, and efficiency of blockchain technology and digital tokens in pursuit of nontraditional funding sources.
The KODAKCoin tokens are a perfect example of this.
In creating it, Kodak was effectively establishing a licensing platform based on the blockchain. This platform essentially functions as a “police officer” in the domain of digital photography – tracking usage and enabling copyright infringements to be quickly discovered, giving creators more control over licensing, and creating a marketplace for all of a photographer’s needs.
The cutting-edge technology behind the KODAKCoin and other similar advancements would have been unimaginable before the blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution. With companies like American Express, Oracle, Alibaba, Facebook, and IBM exploring blockchain technology, there is no doubt that the mainstreaming of cryptocurrency and the blockchain will continue throughout 2019.
The fact of the matter is that blockchain technology thrived in 2018, and cryptocurrencies are becoming more secure and better understood by governments, investors, and the public.
In 2019, we expect in-depth research to differentiate between the speculators, who will keep making investment mistakes and the professionals, who conduct serious due-diligence and will experience grand slam opportunities and profits.

Best Regards,

Brad Robbins
President, PureBlockchainWealth.com

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Legal Notice:
This work is based on SEC filings, current events, interviews, corporate press releases and what we’ve learned as financial journalists. It may contain errors and you shouldn’t make any investment decision based solely on what you read here. It’s your money and your responsibility. The information herein is not intended to be personal legal or investment advice and may not be appropriate or applicable for all readers. If personal advice is needed, the services of a qualified legal, investment or tax professional should be sought.Please read our full disclaimer at PureBlockchainWealth.com/disclaimer

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