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CHECKMATE: Banks Desperately Suppressing GOLD!

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Gold is very close to changing zip codes into the $1,300s. I mean, it’s bidding for $1,290, and the COMEX manipulators are ferociously dumping paper contracts, but the bulls are overwhelming them.

I saw this happening in 2009, through to 2011, with silver. It was getting ready to launch to the stratosphere, trading for $31 with a very strong bid. In a matter of months, from that point, silver was priced over $40.

When investor demand is solid, no amount of paper schemes, committed by these London and New York market-makers, can tame the beast.

Gold is the hardest form of money in human history and always will be.

Investors are losing faith in the government, in the central banks, in the system itself, and in their ability to trade these markets.

Therefore, they search for diversification, and gold is the quintessential uncorrelated asset class.

Sandspring Resources (TSX-V: SSP & US: SSPXF) is one of the best-performing stock on the Canadian exchange today, thanks to its leverage to rising gold prices.

It’s up over 13%, trading at an 8-month high, over CAD$0.30 a share.

You can see how the S&P 500 is struggling to hold ground today, right when it matters most, in contrast to gold’s strong rally.

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I’ve written about the 2,582 level for the S&P 500, as being the determent between a renewed bull market or a roll-over into a more severe bear market; bulls have their work cut out for them.

On the flip side from traditional companies, which are cutting guidence and laying-off employees, Newmont, one of the largest gold miners ever, just announced that it plans to acquire Goldcorp, which plays right into what we’ve been discussing for nearly a year – peak global gold production.

The majors have depleting resources and mines that are at the end of their rope.

This is the reason that Toroparu, the largest gold asset, held by any small-cap gold company in South America, is so strategic that Wheaton Precious Metals, the legendary Fiore Group, and Gran Colombia Gold own a combined 25% of Sandspring Resources (TSX-V: SSP & US: SSPXF) and have agreed to fund the advancement of the project into production, to the tune of $135M in capital expenditures.

The Federal Reserve is stuck!

If the bank raises rates, it will be the first time in history they tighten after the markets suffer this much pain. If they cut, they admit the economy is super-weak. If they pause, they will admit their decision-making policies are inadequate.

Either way, they’re, basically, signaling investors to buy GOLD, since there’s no incentive for stocks to rally.

For Sandspring Resources (TSX-V: SSP & US: SSPXF), from a technical analysis perspective, there is no resistance from here until CAD$0.38, as we plot their chart, which is an additional 26% appreciation.

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Brad Robbins
President, PureBlockchainWealth.com

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