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Dec 26, 2018 | Wealth Articles

The holiday spirit has been utterly crushed this year, with a blood-red stock market rout and nervous investors running for the exits. The blue-chip indices can’t seem to get a break as tariff war worries, a government shutdown, and a feud between the Fed and the President derail any real chance of an end-of-year rally.
We’re, officially, in a bear market for the NASDAQ and the S&P 500. 

It’s a scary time, because in the past two years, we’ve transitioned to a less globalized world where nationalism is at peak levels: world leaders and governments, supported by citizens with increasingly divisive viewpoints, refuse to compromise on the issues that matter most.

Distrust and hostility have infected global politics on issues like immigration and international trade – not only in the U.S., China, and Russia, but across Europe as well.

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Geopolitical tensions and isolationist policies have made gold extremely attractive. Technology stocks, which propped-up the equities markets for years, are now leading the slide into a full-on market crash.

There’s a discernible shift happening as investors shun tech and digital assets in favor of commodities – especially gold, the world’s go-to crisis hedge. I’ve seen this rotation before. In the late 1990s, as tech companies boomed and could do no wrong, commodities lagged. After 9/11, the trend changed completely.

We might be in the early innings of another one of these global paradigm shifts.

Cryptocurrencies, based on revolutionary technology, simply don’t have the millennia of history as a safe-haven asset class that gold has. In other words, governments and institutions recognize this, and as geopolitical risks ramp-up, they’re choosing gold instead of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as their favored crisis hedge. China’s culture is rooted in precious metals, India’s as well. Russia only trusts gold. These are the countries, which are shaping opinions.

Turkey, Germany, France, and Italy shoring-up their gold reserves. Meanwhile, the smart money in America – fund managers like Jeff Gundlach and Ray Dalio – have been augmenting their own precious metals allocations in anticipation of a multi-year bull market in gold.

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As a result, gold is breaking out to the upside in a big way. After touching the $1,900 level in 2011, gold’s path has been a challenging one for long-term investors, as blue-chip stocks spent month after month grinding upwards – until now. 

2018 has seen the S&P 500 falter while gold consolidated into a textbook basing pattern in preparation of a beautiful breakout. Gold is already up 5%, since Pure Blockchain Wealth published our September alert on it, while stocks are down 20%-50% and cryptocurrencies have suffered horrific losses. 

We nailed it. I’m thrilled for anyone, who took action to protect his tech-focused portfolio.

Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors

Stuck for months in a range, gold was under pressure for much of 2018 due to the rise of the U.S. dollar. But now the dollar’s momentum is petering out and the realities of incessant central bank money printing are weighing on the dollar as the year comes to a close.
It’s a confluence of events that’s forming a launching pad for commodities (and especially gold) in the coming year: unresolved geopolitical issues, widespread nationalism, an ongoing trade war, a government shutdown, tension between the President and the Federal Reserve, and a dollar that’s lost its mojo.

It all adds up to a perfect set-up for gold’s big breakout: not only multi-month but multi-year upside potential that’s been a long time coming. Much more than a safety net, gold will reaffirm its long-standing reputation as a superior store of value and an asset class that, in a troubled world, always stands the test of time.

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Brad Robbins
President, PureBlockchainWealth.com

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