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HUGE: Bigger Than Bitcoin!

Jun 3, 2018 | Wealth Articles

While we’re awaiting news from G20 meetings, due this summer, regarding the regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies, Artificial Intelligence is blasting forward on all cylinders.

Up until now, we couldn’t invest in a pure-play on this major, new industry. Believe me, I tried.
For over a year, my partner and I, along with our team, have scoured the planet looking, but we couldn’t find real talent.

Then, we hit a home run, finding out through a close contact of ours, about an up and coming spin-off to a private tech company, which will launch a blockchain-focused business, using Artificial Intelligence.

I’m tickled just thinking about the potential of leveraging machine learning with the immutability and superiority of blockchain decentralization.

Yesterday, I had a lengthy call with the founder/CEO, and they received the green light to start trading on the 12th of June in the Canadian TSX-V exchange.

Pure Blockchain Wealth will be the first blockchain newsletter on the planet to cover this new company, which I expect to explode higher, right off the bat.

Next Sunday, at 12 PM CST, I will be publishing the full report on this new company, which I plan to cover for years, as it grows into the dominating player in the hybrid blockchain/A.I. sector.

To give you an idea of how machines, robotics, and A.I. are about to rock the foundations of our modern society, consider that most Asians believe that a robot will accompany them through retirement.

Courtesy: Zerohedge

The possibilities for improvement in our society are endless. There are millions of people, who suffer from sleeping problems; year after year it is ranked No.1 in contributors to general health – computers will be able to analyze each case, helping people with the most important bodily functions.

Then, consider how computers can assess your nutrition and tell you exactly what to eat and how much.
I mean, longevity will thrive, but people will live like kings in their 10th and 11thdecade on this planet.

Machines and A.I. will be able to help you with career choices, everyday decisions, and the list goes on and on.

Now, to be the pioneer in this industry is no mean feat, and this multi-millionaire, serial entrepreneur, who won CEO of the Year Award in 2010, is heading the stampede.

This could be the most significant event of our financial careers, and in less than two weeks, they are expecting to launch the stock (IPO).

Courtesy: TheMotleyFool.com

This is much bigger than any single cryptocurrency or any unique technology – it’s a massive industry in its infancy.

Google-owned, Waymo, is going to rollout fully autonomous cars by next year – the robots are coming, which is why we must supplement our income and salaries with massive investment returns.

It’s on!

Best Regards,

Brad Robbins
President, PureBlockchainWealth.com

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