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I’M BULLISH: You Should Be TOO!

Sep 9, 2018 | Wealth Articles

This time last year, crypto mania was kicking into 5th gear. By November, we saw what 6th gear, turbocharged, looks like.

This year has been nothing of the sort. 2018 has been full of wild swings, mostly down.

Coin prices have more than halved in price, across the board, but from a business perspective, the exchanges, the technology companies, the people who bring innovation to this industry, and the leading investors, have all continued to put blindfolds on and work to complete the task at hand – making cryptocurrency a viable ecosystem for mass-usage.

Investors, obviously, are concerned with the price trends, but this is only a projection of what goes on behind the scenes.

Price follows fundamentals and, at times, it evaluates them wrongly. This could be either because investors ignore them altogether (relying on their emotions, instead of reasoning power), dreaming of BTC as the Messiah, a state of mind, which we caught a glimpse of last year, or as the devil, which we saw manifested earlier this year, when it was dumped like it was rat poison.

BTC is neither of these.

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You already know this because Pure Blockchain Wealth publishes letters about the importance of putting things into perspective.

Here’s what 2018 has accomplished thus far for doubters:

  1. Daily Volumes: Every day, around $10B of cryptocurrency value changes hands. Think about this. In the big picture, it is a drop in the ocean, compared with over $3T a day in fiat currencies, which changes hands, but it proves that this technology WORKS!
  2. Criminals on the Blockchain: Another fantasy the regulators and the governments created in their vivid imagination is that cryptocurrencies will allow criminals and terrorists to flourish.

This, of course, has no bearing on reality. There’s no indication of elevated levels of crime anywhere.

  1. Profits from Blockchain, not necessarily cryptocurrencies: This year has shown that there are versatile ways of achieving indirect exposure to the progress of this ecosystem, without narrowing down our bet to a specific project. This is achieved by investing in the industry’s future, as a whole.

Pure Blockchain Wealth also sees the importance of diversification, during this time, when the trend is against us in cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, we are extending our reach and focusing on some hyper-growth sectors, which we see as lucrative as well.

When the market zigs, we zag. That’s the bottom line. Long term, I’m extremely bullish on cryptocurrencies.

There are only 40,000,000 crypto users worldwide, compared with several billions users of the modern banking system.

Growth is baked in the cake.

Best Regards,

Brad Robbins
President, PureBlockchainWealth.com

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