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MAJOR Update: Perfect Entry Point – STRATIS (STRAT)!

by Jan 24, 2018Blockchain Wealth0 comments

I’ve been researching the top 50 altcoins, in terms of market cap for 11 months. It’s time to position with 2018’s most promising cryptocurrencies and blockchain stocks.

Today, after 91 hours of due diligence, I’m issuing our first alert for this year and we’ll have an even bigger announcement this upcoming Sunday, the 28th, at noon CST.

One of the biggest themes for 2018 is how to get big businesses to adopt the blockchain and Stratis (STRAT) will be a huge player in this niche.

The Stratis network is a London-based project and consultancy team that is bridging the gap between blockchain tech and businesses worldwide.

Stratis aims to achieve this is by providing customizable blockchains that are targeted for the unique use cases of each business, which will enable them to replicate blockchains with similar features to Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Customizable blockchains will be developed in the programming language C#, which many applications are now using.

Stratis is going for corporate use. They joined the Microsoft Azure Marketplace in early 2017, a platform that encourages innovation and allows users to develop and deploy applications.

2018 is looking ambitious for them. Similar to Ethereum’s features, Stratis will be deploying the ability to use smart contracts, which will enable businesses to build applications on top of the Stratis blockchain itself.

Not only that, what really excites me is that they aim to build sidechains, similar to how Bitcoin seeks to scale, and masternodes, similar to what NEM and DASH have built into their respective protocols.

This is huge.

Combine all this, and add it to the fact that there is also development on a privacy layer being implemented, which uses anonymous payment protocols.

Since its ICO in mid-2016, the Stratis token has made impressive progress in USD terms. Originally trading at $0.35, Stratis trades around the $12.40 region today.

This is a highly speculative position, and I can see Stratis potentially doubling in price quickly from here.

You can purchase Stratis on many popular exchanges: Poloniex, Bittrex, Binance, and Cryptopia. Right now, these exchanges are backlogged and overloaded, so I’ve been using very small amounts in order to clear my transactions quickly.

We’ve seen delays as long as 1-4 weeks!

Personally, I plan to store mine on either: Ledger or Stratis Electrum.

After an incredible 2017 with 13 separate alerts on altcoins that gained an average of 631% annually, we’re setting the bar high again for 2018.

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