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Perfect Storm: TOP Blockchain Investment 2018!

Jan 29, 2018 | Blockchain Wealth

The entire western world was crippled and brought to its knees in the aftermath of 2008.

It is unimaginable to think, looking back, how events ended up transpiring. Our financial system is made up of governments, central banks, and commercial banks that have a monopoly on the ability to create credit for our usage.

In other words, we all depend upon these centralized and clearly imperfect organizations to precisely manage the interest rates, the credit cycles, and the debt levels needed to ensure prosperity, intelligent leverage, and a leveled playing field.

2008 proved this model to be a joke; the protectors of the throne were the exact same people looting the kingdom.

The high degrees of fraud, the collusion between Wall Street, the banking system, and the shadow government were made visible, and the taxpayers got slapped with trillions of dollars of future obligations in order to prop-up and rescue the very institutions, which allowed the financial bust to occur.

That’s why we’re are all attracted to the revolution in the world of financial services and commerce called the crypto economy.

I’ve been a part of this industry since 2013, along with my research partner, Rick. Both of us are early adopters of Bitcoin ($250), Ethereum ($18), Dash ($30), and Cardano ($0.05).

Now, we’ve uncovered a major opportunity, which, as we see it, could be the ultimate way to diversify our blockchain portfolio, add safety to it, gain direct exposure to the most lucrative coins, and partner with proven winners.

You see, what we unearthed is not a cryptocurrency at all – instead, it is a fully regulated, traditional publicly-traded company, which mines Bitcoin and Ethereum currently, and has the ability to mine additional popular cryptocurrencies.

This is huge because the risk of any government shutting down, banning, or scrutinizing this company is virtually non-existent. On top of that, there’s no liquidity issue like a potential exchange shutdown or hack, and most importantly, you can own it in your traditional brokerage platform – you don’t need an exchange account or a wallet at all.

Research this company NOW!

HIVE Blockchain Technologies LTD (TSX-V: HIVE & US: HVBTF) began trading on the Canadian stock exchange and the US OTC market on September 18th, 2017.

This is the early days of the company, and its total market cap is a mere USD$450M.

Consider that it is the largest cryptocurrency miner in the world, yet it is worth less than 0.5% of McDonalds!

As we see it, the upside potential is massive!

I want to recap the story behind this company in a simplified way, after we’ve put in 281 hours researching their operations, meeting their management team on numerous occasions, and constantly inquiring more details with Harry Pokrandt, their CEO.

Fiore Group, one of the most experienced and successful merchant banks and venture capitalist organization in Canada, had the foresight and guts to approach Genesis Mining, the largest private hash-power miner on the planet, with the idea of merging the two into one, brand-new, public investment vehicle named HIVE because the mining facilities are so loud that it sounds like a bee hive.

Genesis Mining sold their state-of-the-art GPU and ASIC facilities in Iceland and Sweden to Hive Blockchain in exchange for shares of the new company. This means that the invaluable experience of Genesis’ founders, the 3 incredibly gifted businessmen who are considered the best crypto miners on the planet, are now at our disposal, as potential shareholders of the company.

Not only that, but the company raised $200M cash in total and have more than $100M in cash right now to expand their operations.

Remember, HIVE Blockchain Tech (TSX-V: HIVE & US: HVBTF) not only mines Bitcoin and Ethereum, but stores them as well. They do not sell them because it is much more profitable to keep them while the price keeps rising!

This is the company’s strategy – mine the most profitable coins in the safest, most cost-effective jurisdictions (Iceland and Sweden), where electricity is cheap and the weather is cold. Then, raise funds in order to pay the operating expenses while retaining the “virgin coins” they mine on behalf of shareholders and keep expanding into more mining operations.

HIVE Blockchain has three distinct advantages, which Pure Blockchain Wealth views as critical:

  1. All the coins mined have no history; therefore, they are in compliance with AML (Anti Money-Laundering) requirements.
  2. It’s the first and only publicly traded miner, which means it has a clear 1stmover advantage.This also raises the likelihood that fund managers that look for opportunities in the crypto economy will want to own HIVE Blockchain over a cryptocurrency, which include many dangers that fund managers do not wish to expose their clients to.
  3. In contrast to many cryptocurrency projects and ICO ventures, which are founded and managed by young, inexperienced, and relatively newcomers to the business world, Fiore Group, which founded HIVE Blockchain Tech, is a global phenomenon in terms of their business success. Genesis Mining, the 2nd founding enterprise of HIVE Blockchain, are the most accomplished miners of Bitcoin and Ethereum the world has ever seen, so when it comes to expertise, HIVE Blockchain is the apex of excellence.

Blockchain technology is the fastest growing industry on the planet and HIVE Blockchain Tech (TSX-V: HIVE & US: HVBTF) is leading the way.

Their 2018 milestones are incredibly ambitious, and we could see share price gain substantially from here.

Check this out:

As we all know, blockchain has the capability to genuinely improve any sector of the economy, which is filled with fraud. The need for clear ownership of items, a need for efficient trust and international trade, and the necessity for transparency are crucial.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are true disruptors, and HIVE Blockchain is right at the heart of this revolution.

Many of the world’s leading companies are investing billions into this – the industry gets bigger by the second!


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