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I’ve been tracking this story for several weeks. Ever since billionaire John McAfee threatened to unveil the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto – McAfee even claimed that he had spoken with him and that Nakamoto is not a happy camper about all of this – social media and the crypto space at large have been absolutely obsessed with sorting out fact from fiction in this fascinating melodrama.

McAfee is no stranger to drama and may be prone to exaggeration, but he isn’t the only player in this ongoing crypto soap opera. Australian programmer Craig Wright has one-upped McAfee by actually claiming to be the creator of Bitcoin.

In response, McAfee has claimed that he is 100% sure that Wright isn’t Satoshi, and even asked Wright if he has no shame. There’s a lot at stake here; the real Satoshi Nakamoto is supposed to have exclusive rights to what’s known as the Tulip Trust, a massive cryptocurrency fund allegedly worth 1.1 million Bitcoins.

Meanwhile, the estate of David Kleiman is seeking legal damages in the neighborhood of $10 billion from Wright, alleging that Wright stole billions of dollars worth of Bitcoins from Kleiman either before or after he passed away in 2013. The legal wrangling continues to this day, with Wright’s fortune hanging in the balance. The Tulip Trust (assuming it exists) could potentially be court-ordered to the Kleiman estate.

At this point, it seems that the burden rests on Wright’s shoulders: a U.S. court in Florida has ordered him to produce documents detailing the Tulip Trust and, in essence, to prove that he actually is Satoshi Nakamoto.

Courtesy: CCN

In the latest development, Wright’s attorneys have submitted to the court a list of Bitcoin addresses associated with the Tulip Trust. Presumably, these addresses will help prove whether Craig Wright really is Satoshi Nakamoto.

These Bitcoin addresses were first redacted and then un-redacted, and everyone is waiting in anticipation while the court system figures out what’s what. In the meantime, Wright remains as adamant as ever – and as defensive as ever amid critics’ cries of “Fake-toshi.”

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Meanwhile, bulls continue to rule – Bitcoin breached the $6,000 resistance level. Trader Peter Brandt observes that Bitcoin just did something it hasn’t done since October 2015.

Take a look:

Courtesy: Peter Brandt

The last time Bitcoin broke above its 18-day moving average, it rocketed up from $340 to $19,800, the pinnacle of the previous bull market. Brandt, who correctly predicted Bitcoin’s 80% drop right before it happened, has an impressive track record and he’s now expecting an equally impressive bull run in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin vs. the U.S. dollar has remained above its 18-day moving average since Brandt tweeted his forecast, so it’s panning out so far.

I’ll have many more updates and a brand-new blockchain opportunity in the weeks ahead – this one is the BEST I’ve ever seen!

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