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SERIOUS PROFITS: 84.7%, 87.2% & 162.8% – Close Winning Positions NOW!

Mar 10, 2019 | Wealth Articles

We’re taking chips off the table today!

After the January/February rally in the markets, the likelihood of a breather, even an extended one, is enormous.

This is the best start to a calendar year in over 30 years; in fact, not since 1987 has the market returned this much in the first two months of a year.

It is naïve to assume that this car doesn’t at least need an oil change. Nothing goes up in a straight line. Markets don’t run up forever. Therefore, let’s cash out on some of our early winners from 2018:

  1. Advanced Micro Devices: I love this company, but so does everybody else at this point.

When we initially profiled AMD, it was CHEAP. Now it’s officially expensive. The downside is greater than the upside. We’re sitting on 84.7% gains in a 9-month period. I’m personally blown away by this return, compared with what the markets have done in this timeframe – which is next to NOTHING – and am truly thrilled that we betted on AMD instead of cryptocurrencies, which HALVED in price during this same period.

As I said, since May 11th we’ve seen massive results, and a large profit – it’s time to take it to the bank.

Secondly, one of the best new tech companies of this tech revolution, Square Inc., is reaching high but unsustainable valuations.

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Before others realize it and will look to sell down, before we have the chance to lock our gains, I’m pushing the SELL button right now – not waiting any longer.

Again, I like the company. I also like the price, and we see the buyers that are coming in late to take our shares.

The risk of holding is large, so I want to pocket the 87.2% net profit.

Precisely 13 months of holding this position and it has nearly doubled.

AMD and Square will continue to grow their business, but we must distinguish between phenomenal enterprises and profitable investments.

For almost a decade, between 2001 and 2011, Microsoft (one of my largest positions), was expensive. But in late 2011, though, at $27.55, I finally became convinced that this phenomenal enterprise is also a discounted investment. That position is up over 300% since then.

The last position we’re exiting today is Okta Inc., which is up 162.8% since Pure Blockchain Wealth alerted that cloud software computing is going to be extremely lucrative. It’s our biggest winner of 2018.

Look at what had happened since that time:

As you can see, after-hours trading yesterday is indicating that the glory days are likely over.

This is the perfect time to say goodbye and take home a large paycheck.

We’re already working a HUGE announcement on our No.1 blockchain tokenization company, and I’m telling you that no one has heard about this one!

We’ll be first in the door.

Best Regards,

Brad Robbins
President, PureBlockchainWealth.com

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