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Shakedown: Banks Speechless – Blockchain Moves in for the Kill!

Dec 4, 2017 | Blockchain Wealth

Many who have been crying wolf for decades about the reckless deficit spending, exhibited both by the Federal government and the citizens of virtually every developed nation in the world, in the form of originating mortgages, issuing home equity lines, taking out student loans, accumulating credit card debt and racking up enormous auto loans, have never had a realistic way of opting-out of the government-mandated fiat currency system.

That is, up until Satoshi Nakamoto came along.

Blockchain Technology Eliminates Banking Manipulation.

It’s a game-changer that has the ability to disrupt and eliminate the need for 3rd parties in a wide range of sectors. The first official solution was Bitcoin, the revolutionary, peer-to-peer currency that could render centralized financial institutions unnecessary.

The central banks that we are accumustumed to have the power to issue new currency units, as do our our commercial banks, thus they manipulate markets and do what they want with our capital with lacking oversight.

Bitcoin eliminates this via the blockchain. It’s a peer-to-peer database that can be viewed by anyone at any given time. All transactions made on Bitcoin’s network must be confirmed and verfied by miners. These transactions are then stored in blocks, and the blocks are “chained” together.

To alter any transactional data, all of the blockchain’s data must be altered, which would require the consesus of all the participants to happen – this is impossible to do, and that is what gets me excited. I hate curroptable system, because everyone has a breaking point and is ready to break the rules if sufficient pressure is applied upon him.

Blockchain has put an end to this and not a moment too soon.

Once verified by miners, information on the blockchain is “chained” and cannot be altered or manipulated. This is one of the key selling points for why Bitcoin has a real chance at becoming a successful mainstream option for settling payments.

I’ve been researching precious metals since 2009 and Bitcoin since 2013 – it’s a miraculous breakthrough and Pure Blockchain Wealth will be publishing our top 5 new cryptocurrencies to check out very soon in the newsletter.

The global banking system is filled with distrust – all users are fearful of counterparty risk. They unpeg stores of value from our local currencies and print money, creating a black hole of debt and a decline in purchasing power over the generations.

Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies do the opposite of this. Many are fixed in their supply and offer faster, more secure, and cheaper networks to send value in a borderless fashion.

It’s critical to grasp the power of the blockchain – make sure you check it out HERE.

Now banks are scrambling to keep up.

Users and businesses are now resorting to cryptocurrencies as a method of avoiding regulations and high transfer fees.

Bitcoin and the blockchain are the most important inventions since the Internet and certainly the most monumental change when it comes to money.

One of Bitcoin’s principles is that it is TRUSTLESS, immune to manipulation, corruption, inflation, and has no central authority, server, or representative.

That’s valuable and I have locked arms with Bitcoin when it was $400, which has paid-off in a big way. My mission with pure Blockchain Wealth is to replicate this research into altcoins and share our highest-priority data with you.

Central Banks will have to come up with solutions to blockchain technology of their own.

All banks are fascinated by cryptocurrencies, as the technology could save millions in expenses, time and back office data entry.

Ripple and its RippleNet are a blockchain solution to settle payments for financial institutions. Over 100 different banks are working with them on this and preparing to use the RippleNet for mainstream usage, with American Express, the Central Bank of England, and powerhouse SoftBank Group being just some of the investors.

We’ll be updating you on Ripple and superior technical entry points in our newsletter alerts.

Other protocols, which my contacts in the corporate world are telling me grab their attention, are Ethereum (with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance) and Zcash, which has sparked interest with JP Morgan.

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon labelled Bitcoin a fraud, triggering a temporary price crash and huge backlash for the CEO. Bitcoin bounced back, and the incident offered an amazing buying opportunity to enter the cryptocurrency sector, as we highlighted minutes after his speech was made public.

Bitcoin will Go Mainstream by the end of 2018.

It has implemented solutions for scaling and becoming more efficient with its growing transactional volume. The ecosystem is still small in the grand scheme of things, and as it grows and develops its infrastructure, there’s a strong possibility we will see cryptocurrencies become the way we exchange value and settle payments.

I’m betting on it.

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