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Swimming With SHARKS: Congress Praises BLOCKCHAIN!

May 9, 2018 | Wealth Articles

Sure, there is an incredibly liberating aspect to cryptocurrencies. In fact, getting the government out of the money business or creating a competitive system to theirs, is such a revolutionary idea that I can only wonder what disruptive technology will allow humans to accomplish next.

In the past 50 years, we’ve seen unbelievable inventions become tools for us to enhance our lives. We may not all use these, but their contribution to society is measured in the trillions of dollars: Microwaves, birth control pills, jet airliners, industrial robots, cordless tools, satellites, smoke detectors, MRIs, cellphones, GPS, the internet, and now blockchain tech.

One lifetime in the western world is considered to be the equivalent to 600 years of progress in the Middle Ages and 1,500 years in ancient times.

The level of adaptation to new ideas around us is overwhelming, at times.

The most significant change by far, though, is the way economies are interlinked and communication is seamless around the globe. Through our handheld devices, such as our laptops or smartphones, we’re able to engage in a limitless world of data and opportunity.

Change is frightening, though. In Europe, for example, 300 years ago, people did not have RIGHTS!

Today, we’re talking about paying taxes and transacting using currencies that we, the people, create independently of governments. These changes are causing the powers-that-be to fear for their positions as the elites of society.

This is uncharted territory, and Pure Blockchain Wealth is thrilled to be on the forefront of this.

I am actually in the midst of a 3-month due-diligence marathon, looking into what is shaping up to be the biggest company to go public in 2018.

Big names are entering the blockchain sector, and they’re eyeing use-cases that are not as controversial as cryptocurrencies.

As investors, we must realize that blockchain has many non-financial use-cases, and we’re going to see more of that in the future than we’re going to see successful tokens.

Here’s how you have to think of it:

A currency is a fast, cheap, easy, convenient, and popular medium of exchange.

By definition, we can’t have hundreds of popular coins because they won’t be widely used.

So, the bottom line is that to continue profiting from this sector, you’ll have to come to terms with the fact that there won’t be thousands of cryptocurrencies that are liquid, not even hundreds of them, but there will be many profitable blockchain applications and businesses.

That’s where the mother lode is, and judging by today’s congressional hearing, the government has literally no issues with blockchain tech itself. To the contrary, they see the value in it, as much as CEOs of Fortune 500 companies see them.

Take a step back and consider the rise of Bitcoin and the market acceptance of cryptocurrencies. Currently, there is no real appetite from traditional businesses to adopt it. There is a need for clear regulations before any of the major players commit to this.

In the meantime, early adopters have made great fortunes, but the next wave of wealth cannot be generated by the same element, which brought about earlier fortunes.

Bitcoin is not unknown anymore, so the allure of being early is gone.    

Money will be made by partnering and investing with winners, who understand that cryptocurrencies have hit a brick wall with regulators. Until that is properly resolved, companies that offer solutions for blockchain innovation, in non-financial use-cases, will make the huge deals.

I’m not selling positions that were purchased early in the cycle (12-18 months ago), but I’m expanding into the areas that I see giants like IBM, Oracle, BMW, and others attacking – the adoption of blockchain, rather than the immediate adoption of the coins themselves.

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