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The Mother Lode: READ THIS!

Jun 12, 2018 | Wealth Articles

Today, I want to show you how powerful decentralization really is. It has spread into such broad industries that cryptocurrencies could be taking a major breather, while ultra-sophisticated, properly diversified blockchain investors, like us, could be making an absolute fortune by focusing on blockchain’s new use-cases, at the same time.

For the past two months, our team has closely tracked the launch of a new blockchain company, which is solely focused on the most important financial event of 2018 – cannabis legalization.

What they’ve developed and just released to their clients is, essentially, as important as what companies, such as GoDaddy, did for domain names.

As you know, most businesses need a website, so GoDaddy.com became one of the dominating sellers of domain names – big money is not in the initial sale, but in the yearly renewal.

It is very rare, in fact, it is next to non-existent, to see a client buy a domain from GoDaddy.com and then decide to switch over to another competitor.

A captivated customer is one of the most powerful advantages some businesses possess, and it makes them extremely profitable – their shareholders enjoy immense wealth, as a result.

You see, clients that use specific software, are quite unlikely to change it because of the massive challenges it brings to their businesses. For a company like UPS, for example, to, all of a sudden, replace its tracking software, would be financial suicide. They would have to export all the data to a new software and train tens of thousands of employees, again.

That’s why Microsoft has been such a remarkable business success – everyone uses their systems, so it’s next to impossible to use a peer competitor with similar offerings. Its ultimate advantage was BEING FIRST TO ACT in the early days of the personal computer era.

With cannabis legalization in Canada set to officially happen in a matter of weeks, thousands of businesses will need to protect their genome IP (Intellectual Property) and to track the plant from the facility to the point of sale. In addition, they will need to keep records of all licenses and paperwork, a task, which they will want to streamline and outsource.

No employer wants to see its employees spending days filing documents, instead of focusing on productive work.

That’s precisely why BlockStrain (TSX-V: DNAX) is our No.1 Cannabis-Blockchain software company for 2018!

Our proprietary trading module has been tracking the pricing action since the first day of trading, and this is an ideal entry price for us – we’ve been patient. The wait is over.

Consider shares of BlockStrain (TSX-X: DNAX) NOW!

Regulations, inefficient red tape by government agencies, and the overall suspicion with the subject of consumer protection are some of the reasons that make blockchain technology a glove-fit for this sector.

Check this out:

Look at how inefficient the industry is when all the procedures are done in a centralized manner.

BlockStrain (TSX-V: DNAX) is an ingenious software company that developed a number of proprietary, decentralized platforms to handle these issues and cut costs by 50%, essentially cutting expenses in half, and it could make us a fortune in the process.

Monetizing blockchain technology from the genome to the point of sale is an invaluable service, and this back-end product is essential and vital to a growing slew of cannabis businesses.

Now, here’s the real kicker – the Canadian government is making it even more challenging for the cannabis growers to increase their business without using BlockStrain’s software.

There’s mandatory testing, which is required by the authorities. BlockStrain owns the platform, including lab-testing partners, which make this arrangement fast. Remember, with increased demand, thanks to full legalization, the added value of quickly getting the product to the consumer from the field, is becoming critical – this is why BlockStrain has the potential to become as paramount as GoDaddy.com is to online businesses.

Then, there’s the DNA product validation, where blockchain technology stands supreme. It creates a genetic fingerprint that identifies and validates the product electronically so any participant on the platform, including consumers, can view and track what’s happening with that product from genome to sale.

The major commercial aspect of this is that of Intellectual Property.

BlockStrain (TSX-V: DNAX) and its management, in every conversation and email communication with us, has stressed that this is the real game-changer.

Growers develop and create unique strains, which can become retail hits with customers, and they need to protect their advantage over the competition.

BlockStrain locks data and registers it on the blockchain.

The company will monetize by various ways, out of which these three are the most immediate:

  1. They will register the thousands of various genomes on the immutable blockchain, thus enabling ownership to exist in a decentralized, cryptographic manner.
  2. Next, they will use their software to make ongoing certifications of validity for all the businesses, which use their platform.
  3. Using a potential ICO and token, companies will be able to license their products to each other, all within this system, utilizing smart-contracts.

The strains and the products will be tracked through the supply chain, a critical aspect of understanding how they reach the end clients.

This is the blockchain at its best – marginalizing the government, strengthening consumer protection, eliminating the middle-man, and increasing efficiency and transparency.

I’ve never been this confident about the validity of an early-stage company.

Currently, shares are trading below CAD$1.00, but with more and more businesses realizing the necessity of BlockStrain’s software and how vital it is, we expect to see it well above these prices!

Best Regards,

Brad Robbins
President, PureBlockchainWealth.com

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