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The Race Is ON: Major PROFITS Coming!

May 14, 2018 | Wealth Articles

Huge players are entering both the blockchain technology sector and the cryptocurrency trading world.

I’m not talking about the anarchists or anti-government entrepreneurs, but the companies, which supply services to billions of people worldwide. Intel, Nvidia, Microsoft, Oracle, and Amazon are among the businesses, which are putting billions into research and development of blockchain applications.

Banks, trading houses, brokerage firms, and even the NYSE are all looking for ways to bridge the regulatory gap between governments and the free market going into this summer’s G20 meeting, which will include the framework for global laws concerning this industry.

Pure Blockchain Wealth sees two aspects of a revolutionary industry beginning to formulate.

  1. Mergers & Acquisitions: Smart individuals, launching start-up companies, will be bought out by major players, probably while they’re still private, which means that you’re going to have to be well-connected to have any competitive advantage and reap the benefits of this.

In other words, the wealth generated by early-stage start-ups will be made by those close to the pie.

Centralized fundraising, crowd fundraising, or decentralized fundraising via ICOs, the game is always the same – it’s about avoiding hyped opportunities, identifying wrong market biases, and exploiting them fully.

The perfect example is Bitcoin, which was seen as a way for drug dealers and terrorists to move money around.

What kept the price cheap for years was this misconception.

2017 was an amazing example of trend following in action. Once we realized that BTC’s perception was changing for the better and that it is too expensive to accumulate, my partner and I began buying ETH at $23, DASH at $40, and LTC at $32.

Now, though, the competition is fierce, so finding arbitrage, or near-guaranteed gains, is much more difficult.

  1. New IPOs: Remember that, up until now, most of the gains occurred on the crypto exchanges, but going forward, many ventures will launch as traditional companies, which are completely regulated.

This is where you can become an early shareholder of blockchain-focused companies, through our traditional brokerages, before they become acquisition targets.

Pure Blockchain Wealth is going one step further, and we are researching companies on the pre-IPO list. In other words, when they go public, investors only begin to look into them, but we already know everything about them by that time, including their intrinsic values, which is our guide to finding undervalued opportunities.

In fact, we are now closely watching a company, which could become the spear at the forefront of the blockchain business and is yet to go public.

The pie is endless, so understand that there are many opportunities, now and in the future, but we must take advantage of changes in sentiment to gain access to deals at distressed prices.

Not even three months ago, many altcoins were decimated, but we became more bullish than ever.

Already four of our picks have doubled since alerting about them when the world are putting cryptocurrencies to rest in February, and now we’re anticipating a major IPO coming in the next few weeks.

As the details become evident, we will be the 1st newsletter in the world, to cover this.

Big money is entering this sector. Big players are noticing, and the end result will be an entirely functioning market, offering revolutionary gains.

Best Regards,

Brad Robbins
President, PureBlockchainWealth.com

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