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There’s No MATCH: Blockchain’s Next CONQUEST!

Jun 6, 2018 | Wealth Articles

Today, I want to show you where billions of dollars are being spent by R&D divisions (Research & Development) worldwide, in search for the next mother lode niche for blockchain adoption.

Just like virtually every business and person needed an email address or online presence, be it a website or a social media account, when those trends first emerged, so do today’s businesses and individuals, need blockchain-based solutions and applications, as the world charges forward into the decade of the IoT (Internet of Things), robotics, and super-computers.

Many will find high-paying jobs, supported by long-lasting careers in the blockchain industry. Pure Blockchain Wealth has aggregated a number of the best occupations available for serious individuals HERE.

But, not every person can just snap his fingers, drop everything he is doing, and switch over to the blockchain industry.

Therefore, what I see in the coming year or so is one giant opportunity to position early with companies that have proprietary software developments, catering to the most pressing use-cases for blockchain.

I participated in a strategy session with many high-level tech visionaries yesterday, including a chairman of six leading incubators for disruptive start-ups; we boiled down the top five industries where fortunes will be made, not in 10-15 years, but effective immediately.

I want to show you what the billionaires and multi-millionaires are doing with their own money because that’s where I’m finding opportunities for Pure Blockchain Wealth to partner with the next Bill Gates.

Courtesy: Marijuana Business Daily

In about a month from now, Canada will become the first developed nation in the world to fully legalize cannabis.

This is major—once-in-a-lifetime type major.

It’s the end of prohibition for cannabis businesses, and Canada’s economy is starting to fire on all cylinders, but the government isn’t too lenient with the producers. They are expected to comply with endless regulatory agencies and file countless paperwork to meet the strict requirements.

Blockchain companies, which will focus on recording all the necessary information, from IP (Intellectual Property), including genome, strain, and any patented plant brand, will have a clear advantage, as growers will look to protect their agricultural, commercial secrets.

Then, the plant will be tracked along the supply chain, so that its origin and journey will be widely known to the end consumer. This will help to speed-up the supply chain, so that the rush of expected demand, could be met.

Since all of these new cannabis businesses have stayed on the sidelines, up until now, waiting for the final stamp of approval from the government, which is scheduled in one month, before making large capital expenditures, most of them are operating using basic software management systems.

This is a huge, profitable and immediate wealth generating opportunity, and we’re pursuing an angle to capitalize on this – big news coming on this front.

After cannabis, the second use-case, which will utilize blockchain tech, most likely by implementing A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) to support it, will be assembly-line manufacturing.

Courtesy: TheEconomicVoice

Factories are transitioning into a fully automated, robotic environment.

Blockchain tech will become the standard for tens of thousands of manufacturing operations worldwide in their transformation into a more efficient business, with fewer work-related accidents and much less reliance on humans, who are prone to get sick, tired, or become unmotivated, resulting in lower productivity and frequent hiring and firing.

Thirdly, financial technology is about to see a wave of innovation running through it.

As you know, today’s application process for personal or commercial loans is cumbersome, inefficient, and like 2008 showed us, can result in massive defaults.

Blockchain tech, used wisely, will help to originate loans to the right applicants for the optimized terms – these advancements will genuinely help everyone, in need of a loan or not, since our overall economy would function better.

Since all of these companies are now being birthed, our unique network of relationships, which I’ve nurtured over the years, is allowing my partners and I to focus in on the best deals out there and know about them before the herd gets wind of them.

In the next three weeks, we are going to cover two new massive opportunities, which could result in outrageous gains, in a year that has seen cryptocurrencies plummet and flatten out thus far.

Best Regards,

Brad Robbins
President, PureBlockchainWealth.com

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I always expect haters when it comes to anything disruptive, revolutionary, or non-traditional. You just can’t have a game changer like the #blockchain come along without rocking the boat and ruffling a few feathers.


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