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This BRUTAL Sell-Off RAGES On!

Oct 24, 2018 | Wealth Articles

No one likes to see prices going down, for some unexplained reason.

We all love strolling through the mall and seeing signs, saying “FINAL SALE,” but when a different kind of market, not a shopping center, but that of publicly-traded companies, display these sort of signs, people panic.

I’m a net buyer of assets. In other words, there is no point in my life, when I plan to be liquidating a great number of assets.

The plan is to always own more and more, so to someone with my mindset, a sell-off is nothing more than a chance to buy assets at better prices.

Between the beginning of this turbulence and today, I’ve bought shares of Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX) at $57.12 per share, and Kimberly Clark (NYSE: KMB) at $104.58.

These will both prove to be great entry prices, as I see it. Starbucks is opening a new branch in China every 15 hours (real stat), and Kimberly Clark is the queen of household brands.

You see, when it comes right down to it, we have incredible foresight into what happens after sellers blow-off steam, as they’re doing right now…

The truth is that the best way to make money in the stock market is to HOLD assets, through thick and thin, as long as they offer superior performance, instead of timing the purchases, trading in and out, according to your whims. In other words, don’t blindly buy and hold, but don’t trade in and out of equities, either.

Committing $200,000 to the S&P 500 Index over the past 20 years, but staying out of the market for just its best 40 trading sessions would have left you with a loss, because you’d have $112,000 in your account. That’s remarkable. There are 7,300 days in a 20-yr period, so 40 days represent 0.5% of the time!

93% Of Investors Generate Annual Returns, Which Barely Beat Inflation.

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In that 20-yr era, HOLDING, never logging-in at all to your brokerage account, or watching your portfolio, would have netted $600,000, for an $800,000 account size.

The difference between $112,000 and $800,000 was determined by 0.5% of the time mentioned!

Rainy days are part of life, but the sun always comes out.

Don’t shy away from down days; embrace them.

Bitcoin has taken a big step forward, in the meantime. Bakkt, the company owned by ICE, owner of the New York Stock Exchange, is set to launch BTC trading on December 12th.

Mark your calendars because it is a juncture that millions have been waiting for.

Exciting times ahead – keep your head in the game!

Best Regards,

Brad Robbins
President, PureBlockchainWealth.com

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