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Check Out This Niche Market Opportunity!

Check Out This Niche Market Opportunity!

Consumer preferences are changing quickly as more millennials in big cities are choosing not to own cars. People are demanding a mode of transportation that’s easier to park, less expensive to use and maintain, and more earth-friendly.

MARC FABER IS IN: Bitcoin Blows Through $4,000!

MARC FABER IS IN: Bitcoin Blows Through $4,000!

Marc Faber is a market über-bear and sound money advocate. For years, his distinct voice has been circling in the alternative media, as well as in mainstream outlets, with the same message: government budget deficit spending is lunacy, and will result in disaster. He is even nicknamed “Dr. Doom.”

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"You Can Print Dollars But You Can't Print Gold" - Warwick Smith of @AmerPacMine on @RethinkinDollar


"P 700% In Q1 2019: GOLD STOCK SIGNS MAJOR DEAL (EXCLUSIVE)!" - @PortfolioGlobal interviews Eric Gomez of @amerpacmine


"Gold Manipulation Ends, Confidence Builds, [CB] Panic, Next Move Is Coming" @AmerPacMine CEO Warwick Smith on the X22 Report Spotlight


QE4 will allow banks to borrow money for next to nothing again and the middle class will suffer, as the currency's legitimacy, in the eyes of foreigners, will further diminish. #Marketwatch #Yahoofinance #Bloomberg #wsj


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