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Crypto Bulls About To Get CHOKED!

Crypto Bulls About To Get CHOKED!

With most of my portfolio, I religiously invest only in cash flowing assets. For many years, I have been buying leveraged real estate, using sophisticated debt tools, which come with low-interest rates, and I love this strategy.

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It's extremely hard to pinpoint the bottom for any asset class, but Ripple’s (XRP) trading pattern is an incredibly good sign.


You can bet your bottom dollar that the next five years will determine much of the destiny for what has been the beacon of light for the rest of the world for over two centuries.


Cryptocurrencies are undergoing massive negative pressure from regulators, governments, and investors.


This time last year, crypto mania was kicking into 5th gear. By November, we saw what 6th gear, turbocharged, looks like.


There is no doubt that for a BTC economy to prosper, the currency needs more users to find it current.


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